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Welcome to the politics free Yankee Hockey! Where the government doesn’t intrude upon your hockey enjoyment.

Once a week I get together with a bunch of folks and play hockey. Now, in California, even Northern California, there isn’t much ice to be found, so we play on the floor. We call it; Floor Hockey. I’ve been playing floor hockey since earlier this year when I found their website. There isn’t much opportunity for a guy like me to play hockey. For one, I have to drive nearly an hour to get to an ice surface, and two I simply can’t afford to buy all the various pads and equipment I would need. Floor hockey is perfect for someone like me who wants all the fun of hockey without all the fuss. The games are quick (first to five goals), contact free but still competitive, and open to everyone. The players are all ages, both genders, and various skill levels. Actually, that may be the best part of the game, you don’t need to be Sidney Crosby to contribute. Even someone who’s never played hockey before, never held a stick, is still more then capable of scoring a goal, stopping a shot, or throwing a great tape-to-tape pass.

In charge of floor hockey in Sacramento is Mark Graham, who happily told me all he could about floor hockery. There is a video forthcoming, but for now, what with my internet problems coupled with some computer non-savy on my part, I’ll just have to paraphrase it.

Mark started playing floor hockey in the third grade in Michigan and immediately fell in love. He’s been organizing floor hockey in Sacramento for over two years now, once a week, nearly 52 weeks a year, rain or shine. He was lucky to find a place to play, an indoor basketball court. Everything needed to play he was able to provide, from homemade nets to simple plastic sticks and pucks. That and at least three players per team is all you need.

Now Mark has a lot of good advice and suggestions for anyone interested in floor hockey, whether or not you live in or around the Sacramento area. Anyone looking to learn more, and watch some clips of the game being played should visit www.sacramentofloorhockey.com.

We have a lot of players that try and play every week. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests, or at least the similar interest of floor hockey. It’s also a lot of fun to get really personal, find another player that you just want to annoy each game. Actually the most fun is just challenging yourself to get into that extra gear on a race for the puck when you’ve been playing for hours, challenging a defender with your puck handling skills, and challenging a goaltender with a quick wrister. Even though there is no body checking allowed there is still a lot of fierce play, and a lot of satisfaction from playing well.

As for me, I like playing defense. Scoring goals is fun, sure, but there’s something about the look on someone’s face when you get your stick in the way of their shot that was sure to go in that’s very satisfying. That and my real strength is the stretch pass, though I’m pretty good at stickhandling too. My stats on this Monday was 1 goal, and a bunch of assists, which was nothing compared to Mark who must have had at least 8 goals, as well as a long period of shutting out the opposition in goal. The guys been playing since third grade? What’d you expect?


Practically nothing. Brodeur’s out until at least February, my internet is down until the phone company figures out what’s wrong with my line, and Dallas is giving away goals like they’re candy on Halloween. The one really good thing going on is happening up in Toronto where opponent leads are disappearing like DB Cooper (look him up). On Tuesday they once again came back, this time from a three goal deficit to take the game into overtime. They eventually lost sure, but what is up with teams playing against Toronto? Oh, except that Toronto gave up Kyle Wellwood for nothing in the offseason and he currently leads the Canucks in goals after a two goal game Tuesday, so I guess even T.O. has some regrets. I’m sorry folks, but having no internet makes me cranky.

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