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Posted in Chicago, post-season, stanley cup, Vancouver by yankhockey on May 7, 2009

If I may get off the topic of hockey momentarily I would love to recount all the ways this day has been completely insane. It began with the dog throwing up all the grass and foxtails she’d eaten the previous day. Soon after that we took our daily walk through nature. After walking about 3.5 miles I decided to change paths and head towards one closer to the river. The river was so high, however, that the path had become a shin deep bog and due to the layout of the path we had no choice but to wade through it and  I walked all the way back to the car in sopping wet shoes. Then moments after I got home I was notified that the landlord will be making an appearance tomorrow which sucks because he doesn’t know we have a dog (long story there) and now I have one day to hide all evidence of her. Later in the day, as I relaxed in anticipation of the Canucks game I discovered that the television had stopped working. We got a replacement television just in time to catch the last 2+ periods of that game which was a complete tragedy. And now we have all the various detritus associated with a new large appliance that I have to clean up while also hiding the dog. It’s been a somewhat eventful day.

Anyway, on the hockey front, what the hell do the Canucks think they are doing? Do you really think you can win a 1-0 game against Chicago (with that one goal being scored by Darcy Hordichuk of all people)? They did a great job stopping the Chicago offense, but as good as they played it was obvious that they were going to be able to score at least one goal. What I was watching was a complete disregard for the middle of the ice. Of the few shots the Canucks actually sent on goal, even fewer came from a good goal scoring area. You can expect thirteen or fourteen shots in a game to come from a bad angle, but not when you only have sixteen shots in a game. Well, Vancouver has the home-ice advantage again, and as long as they don’t give that up I still think they will win.

Honestly, with everything that has happened to me today, I’m too exhausted for hockey. It’s a damn shame, but the ‘Nucks/’Hawks game didn’t help. I was hoping to be invigorated by some great post-season hockey, instead I was rocked to sleep by what looked like a good old fashioned game of hot potato. Thankfully tomorrow we can go back to Washington/Pittsburgh and Boston/Carolina which have been some of the most exciting hockey games I’ve seen in a while. What’s up with Jussi Jokinen by the way? How many game changing goals is he planning on having this post-season? Carolina must be glad they picked that guy up for free.


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  1. juliabarrett said, on May 8, 2009 at 9:16 am

    This is a hilarious post! Sorry about your TV and the Canucks.

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